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Travel Risk Mitigation

At  Erudite Crisis Associates (ECA) Limited, we understand the travel process and the challenges posed. We can also empathise with organisations as they endeavour to establish realistic travel policies and procedures, having faced these challenges ourselves.  

Whilst it is acknowledged that a legal requirement exists to establish a robust process to reduce the risk to travelling employees and those on long term international assignments, most employers aspire to this as a matter of course.

 Over the years we have assisted numerous organisations to achieve their objectives by drafting relevant policies and procedures and offering guidance on the best ways to introduce them.  For organisations with established policies, we also offer independent evaluations that provide comparison with travel procedures that are considered best practice. 

All our traveller training programs are tailored to suit the clients travel profile and are delivered at your facility or an alternate venue of your choosing.  During the delivery, ECA will use the opportunity to reference key points in your policy and support the learning process with anecdotal evidence gained from true life case studies. To learn more, reach out to us via the contact details below.

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