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Services in General

Our Services In General

Risk identification and reduction is a fundamental operational practice that will evolve over time as any organisation develops. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, delivering professional services or charitable work, you will certainly be familiar with this process. Whilst most organisations will inevitably transfer some of their perceived or identified risk exposure via the purchase of an insurance product, the organisation maintains responsibility for managing any residual risk. This residual risk exposure will undoubtedly require some form of intervention from the organisation before an insurance product “is triggered” and other resources associated with the insurance policy cover become available.

Erudite Crisis Associates offer the following services:

  • Crisis Preparation - Planning - Policy Development and Evaluation
  • Crisis Management Team Training - in line with BS11200:2014
  • Crisis Simulation Exercises
  • Travel Policy and Procedures - From document creation to evaluation
  • Traveller Training
  • Kidnap Risk Mitigation
  • Critical Incident Response - Handling the first 24 hours
  • Product Recall Planning and Evaluation
  • Product Recall Simulation Exercises
  • Security Systems Reviews
Crisis Management, Crisis Response, Crisis Planning, Crisis Preparation Advice on crisis risk mitigation, covering travel risks, kidnap risk reduction and product recall. From relevant policies and procedures to training and simulation exercises.