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Kidnap Risk Mitigation

Kidnap Risk Mitigation

While we can never eradicate the risk of kidnap, there are measures that can be taken to minimise this risk. Erudite Crisis Associates (ECA) Limited are familiar with tried and tested risk reduction measures and offer bespoke consultancy services for commercial entities, charities or high net worth individuals who are operating in countries where the risk of abduction is high.

ECA consultants are able to assist with the creation of policies and procedures that are proven to reduce the risk of abduction and dove tail with other options that may be available, such as insurance, overt physical security measures and subtle counter surveillance techniques.

Once policies and procedures are in place, ECA consultants offer simulation exercises for those who will be expected to respond in the event of an abduction. 

Finally, our consultants are capable of providing prior to deployment briefings. These briefings are designed to reassure the traveller or expatriate and increase their comprehension of the risk and the tactics employed by kidnap gangs.

For more information on Kidnap Policy Creation, Kidnap Simulation Exercises, or Pre Deployment briefings please call or email ECA using the options below.

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