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Erudite Crisis Associates (ECA) Limited recognise that in this day and age it is essential to conduct some form of crisis management preparation and planning. There are obvious business benefits to this activity and it can be used to demonstrate to potential clients that the organisation has built in a degree of resilience.

Following a tried and tested formula, ECA is capable of supporting an organisation to achieve its aims and objectives from a crisis management perspective.

Our service may commence with the preparation of plans to deal with a major incident, such as an evacuation from a country in crisis or a response to a fatality in the work place.  It may be that crisis plans are already in existence but the organisation is looking to benchmark these against best practice; whatever the case, ECA will listen to your requirements and then design a solution.

Once the crisis plan is established, it should be tested, along with the Crisis Management Team (CMT) that are responsible for executing the plan.  If the CMT are not used to working together, ECA can assist by introducing short scenarios and case studies to develop an understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

The final leg of the crisis preparation process, is facilitated through a longer simulation exercise.  Our erudite associates relish the opportunity to create meaningful exercises that test the plan and the decision making capabilities of the CMT.  Using our interactive training model, this is achieved in a safe and controlled (all be it testing and at times stressful) environment. However, on completion the team will believe that they are better placed to face a real crisis, should one develop in the future.

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