Crisis Management Planning

The Importance Of Human Resources In A Crisis

The Importance Of Human Resources In A Crisis

All these types of crisis listed below have a common factor:

  • Terrorist incident,
  • Abduction
  • Fatality in the work place
  • Epidemic
  • Earthquake
  • Total or partial destruction of a facility (due to fire, flood or regulatory requirement)

They will all have an impact on employees as well as the employer. It is therefore vital that the Human Resources Director is included in the crisis planning process from the outset. 


The Human Resources (HR) team can offer a huge amount of support in a human crisis and it is imperative that the crisis team are fully cognizant of this assistance.  An example of the importance of HR is the fact that data protection rules and regulations will limit access to personal data to authorised personnel.  The HR team will know how to access the employee personal data, where it is stored and what information is available.

The HR team may have of pre-prepared crisis statements and an intimate knowledge of the best way to approach a work force with news of a tragedy or disaster.  They will have a good feel for emotions and moral in the organisation and will often be viewed by the employees as a trusted source of information.


The Human Resources team monitor employment regulations and compliance issues as a matter of course.  If they are an integral part of the crisis apparatus they will be well positioned to feed relevant changes into crisis plans as they are introduced.

Human Resources Response

When a crisis event occurs the pressure on the HR team will intensify.  As well as responding to the demands of the crisis, supporting next of kin, reassuring employees and conducting their normal functions the HR team should also monitor the emotional status of the crisis management team.  The emotional pressures associated with dealing with a crisis may well impact members of the crisis management team and it is therefore important that psychological support is available to those who need it. 

Crisis Consultancy

If required, Erudite Crisis Associates can provide training for Human Resources teams who are expected to play a key role in crisis management. For more information email:

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